Yusupha Ngum and the Affia Band


Genre: Contemporary

Venue 1: Phee Broadway

Date: Saturday 8 June, 4pm

Venue 2: The Senior Citizens Centre

Date: Saturday 8 June 9.20pm

Yusupha Ngum – vocals

Hiroki Finn Hoshino – bass guitar

Paul Cornelius – saxophone

Matt Steele – keyboards

Felix Billington Kleinman – drum kit

Rodolfo Hechavarria “Panga” – congas


Yusupha Ngum has been a successful musical artist both in Gambia, West Africa (where he had a top three album), and in Australia (where his festival performances have been greatly praised).

As the son of a famous griot (a West African traditional singer and storyteller), Yusupha follows this tradition with his songs.

His songs tell many stories, including traditional stories of Gambia and Senegal (his heritage), songs of the spiritual and cultural heritage of West Africa, stories of the difficulties Africans have in traveling (as when you hold an African passport, it is often difficult to get a visa to enter), and songs of human relationships.

A common theme Yusupha speaks about is how music is a unifying force, and this is also reflected in the multicultural background of many of the band members, with members from Costa Rica, Cuba, Japan, and of Anglo-Australian heritage.

As well as playing world jazz music with the Affia band, Yusupha will share the background and meaning of the songs.

The Affia Band consists of six people - Yusupha and five musicians, all of great talent.

It's very common that when Yusupha Ngum and the Affia Band play, people get up and dance - as it's that kind of music!


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