Genre: Mainstream

Venue 1: Maurocco Bar

Date: Friday 8th June, 8pm

Venue 2:

OCG Cell Block

Saturday 9th,  5 pm

Cathy Boerema - violin, vocals and percussion

Peter Chaffey - keyboard and vocals

Sue Blakey - saxophone, flute, percussion and vocals

Barry Gray - drums

Christian Imfeld - bass guitar



vestedinterest18 - CJF.jpg

Following their success at the 2017 Castlemaine Jazz Festival, Vested Interest returns for two performances showcasing a new repertoire spanning 60’s Bossa Nova to 80's Jazz. Oozing warm fuzzies on-stage through songs by famed artists including Vince Jones, Tom Jobim, Michael Franks and Steely Dan, Vested Interest place their friendships off-stage as a key factor in keeping their music real. Audiences from Castlemaine and Maldon Markets as well as the 2017 Halls Gap Jazz Festival will testify their tapping toes to this.