The Port Phillip SHOW Band


Genre: Big Band

Venue 1:  Old Castlemaine Gaol - Cell Block
Date: Sunday 10 June, 11 am

Venue 2:

Theatre Royal

Sunday 10 June, 4 pm


Bill Jagger - trombone
Norm Florrimell - trombone
Renee Limenidis - trombone
Daimon Brunton - trumpet
Jenny Stengards - trumpet
Murray Rees - trumpet
Flo Prokop - alto
Trevor Firth - alto
Colin Garrett - tenor
Julie Tiedeman - tenor
Leon Gettler - baritone
Holly Brick - bass
John Bishop - guitar
John McLachlan - drums




Back at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival for the fifth year with some hot arrangements of swing era tunes and more. The Port Phillip Showband have earned a reputation as a festival favourite with lovers of big band music.