Genre: Jazz Cabaret

Venue 1: Maurocco Bar

Date: Sunday 10 June, 11 am

Venue 2:

Bridge Hotel Monday 11 June,     1 pm


Stardust Melodies - the memories of love's refrain.

Scott Sanders
A classically-trained composer, rock/pop/electronic producer, contemporary performer, choral conductor and event manager, Scott has a rich and eclectic background reflecting his wide range of tastes and interests.  His love for beautiful melody leads him, naturally, to the greatest songs written for vocalists, both harmonically and expressively - hence the show, Stardust Melodies.

John Adolphus
John Adolphus has had a long and varied music career.  It started with him playing lead guitar and vocals in some well known gigging and recording groups in Melbourne spanning two decades.
John now enjoys playing with various small groups around Bendigo and Castlemaine, predominantly on sax.