Genre: Traditional

Venue 1: Phee Broadway
Date: Sunday 9 June, 4pm

Venue 2: Theatre Royal

Date: Sunday 8 June, 8.40pm

Matt Dixon - trombone/vocals
Adrian De Fanti - clarinet/sax
Andrew Power - trumpet
Michael Hanley - banjo
Stephanie Bell - bass
Michael Di Cecco - drums






Shirazz's reputation as a must-have festival band has earned them invitations to dozens of jazz, blues and folk festivals across Australia and New Zealand. They also keep a busy touring schedule, performing to packed houses across the country. In Melbourne, they perform regularly at bars, pubs and parties, including a New Years Eve flying over Antarctica! They have released five albums, including one nominated for an Australian Jazz Bell Award.

Shirazz's music is born in the New Orleans tradition, but injected with humour, novel rearrangement of pop hits, Euro-folk influences, and Shirazz's own larrikin style.