paige duggan & wayne parker


Genre: Mainstream
Venue 1:  Maurocco Bar

Date: Saturday 9 June, 7 pm

Venue 2: OCG Cell Block

Date: Sunday 10 June,12 pm






Paige Duggan.jpg

Paige Duggan's approach to jazz is raw and honest; revelling in jazz as an art-form with experimentation, improvisation and risk central to the approach of every song. Her voice, which is distinct from her contemporary jazz peers, and passion for jazz exploration equal an extraordinary and rare talent. She explores vulnerability and risk, crafting a truly engaging listening experience. Intuitive, sensitive- each number is interpreted uniquely and steeped in chance and possibility.

Paired with Wayne Parker, a musically sensitive, thoughtful, talented guitarist, the duo present jazz as an exploration of stories which evolve. Moments of fluidity, quirkiness and humour. They perform traditional jazz standards in a contemporary manner as well as modern tunes.


More information and sample music and YouTube videos can be found at and I also have a Facebook page under my name too of course.