Paige Duggan


Genre: Contemporary
Venue 1: Maurocco Bar

Date: Friday 7 June, 7pm

Venue 2: Phee Broadway

Date: Sunday 9 June, 8pm

Paige Duggan - vocals

Wayne Parker - guitar


Paige Duggan and Wayne Parker return for their third time together at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival. A rare duo in this scene, Paige (vocals) and Wayne (guitar) strive for genuine exploration and experimentation, creating interesting, sometimes funny, often emotive experiences for both themselves and their audience. The music is always about the sharing of ideas and risks between them. They present an intimate opportunity to witness, what is essentially, live jamming. Steeped in the risk and vulnerability which comes with jazz duos who explore improvisation; if jazz is about the relationship between musicians, then this is a worthwhile example.