Neil Sagewood presents Octagon


Genre: Contemporary
Venue 1: OCG Cell Block

Date: Saturday 9 June, 8pm

Venue 2: Theatre Royal

Date: Monday 11 June, 4 pm


Neil Sagewood - piano

Charlotte Sagewood - bass

Bobby Damelian - congas




The Latin-jazz 'Octagon Project' is a rare live performance of the Neil SagewEaood Trio's breakout album Octagon, in which effortless jazz improvisation is set to crisp Latin grooves. Octagon, the lucidly inventive product of the composer Neil's long life in jazz, tells the stories from his first hearing of Miles Davis in 1972 to his experiences of soaking up the palpable grooves in Columbian and Cuban streets. Each of the Latin-jazz fusion pieces commemorate some of Neil's transformative moments over the last 35 years and are captured in an incredibly dynamic live performance