The Mystic Charmers


Genre: Mainstream
Venue: Maurocco Bar

Date: Saturday 8 June, 8pm

Kirri Buchler - Violin
Amanda Jones - Clarinet
Ros Jones - Trombone
Paul McIver - Guitar
Charles Paine - Bass



Playing specialised arrangements of Django Reinhardt’s ‘Hot Club Swing’, The Mystic Charmers’ evening set will also contain exotic compositions from Bechet, Goodman, Hampton and Ellington.

This is Manouche-style swing from the wrong side of the tracks. Where trombones moan like old hound dogs, tomcat violins weep and wail, while the clarinet cuts through like a switchblade lover on a lonely night.

Take a walk on the wild side, step away from the bright lights of the pavements and sidewalks into the 1930s back alleys of Parisian nightclubs. You will be mystically charmed as the concert unfolds.