Line Matter


Genre: Contemporary
Venue 1: Run Rabbit Run

Date: Saturday 8 June, 8.40pm

Venue 2: Maurocco Bar

Date: Sunday 9 June, 5.20pm

Jonathan Moore – guitar
Francesco Aconfora – tenor sax
Anthony Pell – electric bass
Sebastian Jego – drums


Line Matter are an original Melbourne jazz band playing dynamic, driving and melodic music. Influenced by Pat Metheny, John Scofield, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis and others, the quartet creates a unique blend of jazz/fusion music.

The band has performed in Melbourne since 2016 at venues including Uptown Jazz Cafe, Lebowski’s, The Wesley Anne, The Fox Hotel and The Post Office Hotel. Line Matter has also performed at the 2016 Wangaratta Jazz Festival and the 2017 Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend.

The debut 2018 album In Motion is now available on CD Baby, Bandcamp and at performances. The album features eight original tunes composed by the band, highlighting their improvisational and unique compositional styles. In Motion has been reviewed as an "excellent debut album which rewards repeated plays" - Roger Farby, and “a positive debut album” – Chris Cody, Loudmouth