Genre: Contemporary
Venue 1: Phee Broadway

Date: Monday 10 June, 12pm

Venue 2: Senior Citizens Centre

Date: Monday 10 June, 4pm

Hayden Powell - guitar/vocals
Cameron Powell - bass/backing vocals

Harvey Constable - drums/backing vocals


Young trio Limelight have been winning audiences with their own spin and interpretations of jazz, fusion and blues.

Their outstanding musicianship, coupled with their ability to make each song sound unique, propels them into a genre of their own.

Blessed with an innate talent, Hayden Powell’s dynamic and commanding skills on the guitar are transported to the next level by the ever-funky and tight rhythm section of Cameron Powell on bass and Harvey Constable on kit.

Since their standing ovation appearance at the 2017 Memphis International Blues Challenge,

Limelight have performed regularly at Melbourne venues and festivals.