Lillian Albazi Quintet


Genre: Contemporary
Venue 1: Bridge Hotel

Date: Saturday 9 June, 7pm

Venue 2: OCG Mess Hall

Date: Saturday 9 June, 9 pm


Lillian Albazi – vocals
Tom Allen Graham – guitar
Joshua Manusama – double bass
Cameron Sexton – drums
Liam Werrett – alto saxophone


lillian albazi.jpg

The Lillian Albazi Quartet are playing their second Castlemaine Festival, and come with quite some pedigree –   the Inverloch Jazz Festival, Port Fairy, Paris Cat, Uptown and around Melbourne. Presenting modern arrangements of standards from The Great American Songbook, Lillian’s vocals are inspired by the great ladies of jazz: Anita O’Day, Nancy Wilson and Billie Holiday.