Jungle Fusion


Genre: Contemporary

Venue 1: Maurocco Bar

Date: Saturday 8 June, 2.40pm

Venue 2: Senior Citizens Centre

Date: Saturday 8 June, 6.40pm

Deco Jovanovic - guitar

Gordon Gunn - bass

Chris Georgiou - drums

Mark Gardner - trumpete/didgeridoo


Jungle Fusion is an original electrifying jazz fusion quartet with deep ethno roots and an avant-garde philosophy.

The band is inspired by the Miles Davis electric era, John Coltrane's avant-garde emotion and John McLaughlin's spiritual wisdom.

Frontman Deco Jovanovic is a versatile and adventurous guitarist and composer. The band's lineup is completed with the remarkable Gordon Gunn on bass, the extraordinary Chris Georgiou on drums and multi-instrumentalist Mark Gardner on trumpet and didgeridoo.