Genre: Big Band
Venue: Old Castlemaine Gaol Cell Block

Date: Sunday10 June, 3pm

Venue 2: Theatre Royal

Date: Sunday 10 June, 6pm

Treena Costin - vocals
Jo Cossor - vocals
Alison Davey - piano, vocals
Doug McGregor - saxes, clarinet
Judith Marriott - sax, clarinet
Erin Ritchie - tenor sax, clarinet
Lauren Ritchie - baritone sax, violin
David Roe - trumpet, trombone
Rob Humphrey - trumpet, vocals
David Ashfield - trombone
Lorne Campbell - drums
Stephen McGregor - double bass
Peter Harris - guitar



1920s to 40s big band music, all done with a sense of fun. High Society Jazz Orchestra played a hot set in the gaol last year and are back for more.