Hermeto Magnetico


Genre: Contemporary

Venue: Phee Broadway
Date: Saturday 8 June, 9.20pm

Vocals - Heather Fletcher

Flutes - Asha Henfry and Erin Kersing

Electric guitar - Marcos Villalta

Acoustic guitar - Rose de La Montaña

Bass guitar - Sean Connelly

Percussion - Alastair Kerr










Hermeto Magnético are dedicated to uncovering the repertoire of the legendary Brazilian virtuoso Hermeto Pascoal, whose musical genius is magnetic. 

We explore sounds of Hermeto's eclectic and extraordinary musical voice that spans popular Brazilian rhythms, vast musical influences, free improvisation, virtuosic technique and other-worldly soundscapes.

Hermeto Magnético features stellar musicians from Melbourne's music scene: Australia's leading percussionist in Brazilian rhythms Alastair Kerr, contemporary jazz bassist Sean Connolly, virtuosic flautists Asha Henfry and Erin Kersing, electric guitarist Marcos Villalta, the fantastic vocals of classically trained opera singer Heather Fletcher and bandleader Rose de La Montaña on guitar. 

We are excited to be the only group in Australia exploring the universal music of Hermeto Pascoal. Find us online at www.hermetomagnetico.com