Genre: Big Band
Venue: Theatre Royal

Date: Saturday 8 June, 9-11pm

Meg Corson

Michael Lichnovsky

Christina Finch

Michael Timcke

Warwick Cohen

Andrew Dale

Vinnie Bourke

Jeremy Meaden

Lorne Gerlach

Mel Banks

Bryn Hills

Dan Bendrups

Peggy Hills

Kirsten Boerema

Wayne Parker

Tim Nelson

Bruce millar

Michael Evans Barker


The Goldfields Jazz Orchestra promises to deliver a high energy evening of hip-swinging, toe-tapping tunes, featuring smokin’ instrumentals, cracking solos, and songs to fall in and out of love to. The finest instrumentalists from Ballarat to Bendigo in this classic 18-piece line-up will leave audiences flushed with a bad case of gold fever as they power through a glittering array of tunes from the great arrangers. The Goldfields Jazz Orchestra is excited to present an evening of quality music from entirely local musicians in what promises to be a showcase for our region.