Esstee Big Band


Genre: Big Band
Venue 1: Theatre Royal

Date: Saturday 8 June, 5pm

Venue 2: Theatre Royal

Date: Sunday 9 June, 4.40pm

Saxophones: Matt Poynter, Cara Taber, Scott Templeton, Nathaniel Poynter, Phillip Reichman                                                                               

Trombones: Andrew Serpell, Hamish Moffatt, Simon Greatwood, Tim Blamey 

Trumpets: Dan Heskett, Pat Broadbent, Matt Turner, Dave Hirst                        

Rhythm Section: Piano: Chris Staben, Guitar: Norm Grimmett, Drumkit: Mat Duniam, Bass: Tim Nikolsky

Vocalists: Margot Leighton & Zac Teichmann.

Music Director: Scott Templeton




Esstee Big Band is Melbourne’s hardest swinging 18-piece big band.

Featuring fabulous singers Margot Leighton and Zac Teichmann, the band performs the best of the classic big band vocal repertoire, as well as the most exciting instrumentals and original compositions in town. If you want a great night of dancing to the hits of Frank, Ella, Harry, Nina and Buble, plus iconic arrangements by  Basie, Mingus and Ellington then check out the Esstee Big Band!

You can catch the vibe of what we do here:

The Esstee Big Band is passionate about big band music, and believes that this music was created to dance to. The band absolutely loves to play for swing dancers, and have done so recently with Swing Patrol, and also at the Melbourne Lindy Exchange ball where they actually played under a shiny DC3 aeroplane in a hangar at Essendon airport!

Even if you think you don’t like big band music, you’ll love Esstee big band.

The Esstee big band puts on a great, entertaining show that is fun. The energy generated from the 18-piece big band in full flight could power Melbourne!

The Esstee big band has played for the last 20 years at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.