Elle T & the Doctors


Genre: Mainstream
Venue: Senior Citizens Centre

Date: Sunday 9 June, 8pm

Elle Thompson - vocals

Peter Ryan - guitar

Anthony Pell - double bass


Elle T & the Doctors pride themselves on providing a smooth ambient and sophisticated sound.  Elle Thompson on vocals, Peter Ryan on guitar and Anthony Pell on double bass play classics from the jazz and lounge repertoire mixed with a good sprinkling of Latin to bring an engaging and varied assortment of arrangements.

This is a trio of experienced musicians led by Elle, who has performed here and overseas. She’s toured the states in a gospel choir, performed in a cappella groups and sung in bands from rock to jazz with a love of singing.  

Anthony Pell has been playing music for over 20 years and bass guitar since 2000, doing hundreds of gigs throughout Victoria. His ever-growing diversity sees him in demand to play in funk, fusion, blues, jazz, classic and modern rock scenarios. A highlight of his career at present is his playing with and composing for the original contemporary jazz/fusion band Line Matter.

Peter Ryan has performed in bands since his teens, playing various types of music with a love of jazz simmering all the while.  Peter played in his first jazz band in the 70s and then journeyed through original music, theatre shows, rock and roll and fusion bands before returning back to the jazz scene over the last 10 years. He is currently also playing and composing for The PR Project.

With a sound that echoes from Julie London through to  Dianna Krall and Norah Jones, Elle T & the Doctors will fit the bill.