Diamonds & the Blues


Genre: Mainstream

Venue 1 : Theatre Royal
Date: Friday 7 June, 7pm

Venue 2: Senior Citizens Centre

Date: Saturday 8 June, 4pm

Diddy Reyes - guitar/vocals
Lady Fox - vocals










When the raw energy of a blues guitarist entwines with the delicate, velvety tomes of a jazz singer, you can be transported to another time and place. Diamonds and the Blues are taking audiences on this very journey. With provocative vocals by Lady Fox, interwoven with the passionate delivery of guitar and vocals by Diddy Reyes.

This duo are creating a sultry and potent co0cktail of jazz and blues performances at some of Victoria’s most iconic venues and festivals. Punching out some of history’s best-known pieces alongside more obscure moments and original gems.

All woven together with history, stories and a whole lot of sass.