brown street blue


Genre: Mainstream
Venue 1:  Theatre Royal

Date: Sunday 10 June, 11 am

Venue 2: OCG Cell Block

Date: Monday 11 June, 4 pm

Damien Cummins (piano, vocals),

Pete Appleman (drums),

Sarah Childs (baritone saxophone),

Ziggy Saabel (acoustic guitar).






Drawing on the grit and grind of 50s-era USA, Brown Street Blue stir cool Blues grooves into steamy Jazz riffs to produce a raw, dense acoustic brew you can sink your teeth into. 


Thrown into the pot are classic blues tunes, long-lost instrumentals and original riffs to colour your soul. 


This new Melbourne combo gleefully dishes out soulful grooves, distilled blue lines and hard luck stories in equal measure.

If you're up for some upbeat vibes and bittersweet treats, come fill your cup.