Bete Noire


Genre: Mainstream
Venue 1: Maurocco Bar

Date: Saturday 7 June, 12pm

Venue 2: Senior Citizens Centre

Date: Monday 10 June, 12pm

Jan Tankard - vocals

Graham Morgan - drums

Craig Newman - bass

Olaf Scott - piano


Bete Noire was formed in 2015 and showcases the legendary Australian drummer Graham Morgan and vocalist Jan Tankard and the fine musical talents of Craig Newman on bass and Olaf Scott on piano.

These four consummate musicians collaborate to explore and rework familiar and less familiar jazz compositions to create an authentic, vibrant and captivating jazz experience.

There is abundant room for improvisation that is shared by everyone as they delve into the many facets of jazz; often reaching high emotional peaks or creating subtle plays to which they all, and often guest musicians, contribute.

Influenced by masters of jazz and latin music, from Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Benny Golson and McCoy Tyner to the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona and Spanish flamenco, Bete Noire will transport you to the undertones of a NYC basement jazz club, then add a bold dash of Spanish colour and Cuban rhythms that will leave you impressed and captivated.