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The Castlemaine Jazz Festival is an entirely volunteer festival running from Friday 8th June to Monday 11th June, 2018. The Committee will endeavor to allocate two performance slots to each band over consecutive days but if you select your availability for more than two days performances may stretch across the whole weekend. The committee reserves the right to allocate band performance times and locations according to venue and time limitations.


Step 1: Band Applications

Each band leader wishing to apply to perform in the Castlemaine Jazz Festival is required to complete the form below. This is the only method of registering your interest.

Applications close on 28th February 2018.

There is no fee to apply.

Step 2: Make sure your musicians register!

Once your band’s application has been approved, the band leader will be notified. Each band leader should ensure that the band’s performers (including yourself) individually complete a musician registration form when they become available online

Step 3: Contact Details

Please complete the form in full. Your contact details are important to ensure that any matters arising can be dealt with easily. The band member details will assist in placing your band in appropriate venues at the festival as well as help us to minimize timetabling issues for musicians playing in more than one band.

Step 4: Availability

Your band’s availability information is necessary to ensure that the timetable does not schedule bands at times where a clash may occur and that each venue is fully utilised.

Step 5: Scheduling

We will let you know you’re playing slots before the Festival weekend. Band leaders should be aware that no musician can apply to perform in more than three bands.  

Step 6: Help us get to know your band

Send us samples of your repertoire & press information so we can get to know your work. Please fill in the links below with recordings or video by the band. We will use your provided bio and photographs to create a profile on our website and in other web and promotional content.

Changes in Line up or Availability

Each band leader is requested to advise the Festival programme subcommittee as soon as possible if there is any change to the band’s line-up and/or band availability by email to info@castlemainejazzfestival.com.au.

Any changes made within 14 days of the festival may be refused due to print and programming requirements.

 If something happens, and you are unable to attend your session, please notify us straight away. We will endeavour to find you another spot, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible.


The information you provide will be used, not only for timetabling, but in promoting each band’s line up in the Participants Listing in the program and on the website. We will not publish your contact details

Band Applications close on 28th February 2018

 Festival Check In

On arrival in Castlemaine on the festival weekend we would ask you first to check in at the Festival Box Office at the Ray Bradfield Rooms, situated next to the rear of the Market Building in Mostyn Street, You will be given your passes and performance packs.



If you have any questions, please contact info@castlemainejazzfestival.com.au.

Thanks for being part of the festival, we look forward to receiving your bands application

Calum McClure



Castlemaine Jazz Festival Incorporated

ABN 22854751242

PO Box 1018, Castlemaine, Victoria 3450



Band leader's name *
Band leader's name
Each band member must register individually once their band's application has been approved. Refer to the festival web site for registration details and musician guidelines.
Indicate with a tick the times that your band is available. Multiple choices accepted: *
The 2018 jazz festival committee will make every effort to include your application in the festival programme but due to venue and time restrictions this may not be possible.